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Q: What about Security?

A: The Lewis County Sheriff Command center is set up in town specifically
     for this event.
Q: Can I arrive early?

A: Yes. 
                                Early arrival starts on previous Monday

                                         Buy - Sell - Trade - Relax 

You will indicate your planned arrival day on your Reservation form. 

Early arrival days are only $15 for each day prior to Thursday for any size booth.

Example: For Wednesday arrival just add a one time charge of $15 to your booth fee.

Q: Can I stay and tear down on Tuesday?

A: Yes. There is no additional charge for staying to tear down on Tuesday.  

___________________________________________________________________  Q: Can I leave early?

A: Only if you advise management of your plans at check in.
                     No Exceptions Please without prior approval

Q: How do I pay for my booth?

A: Your booth fees can be paid via Check, Cash, or Money Order. A minimum 50% deposit will reserve your space, balance paid by dated indicated on application. 

We accept personal checks ONLY IF RECEIVED
prior to date indicated on application

US POSTAL Money Order, Cashier's Check, Cash

Q: Exactly where and how do I check in?

A: The check-in entrance is located at the intersection of highway 12 and Snyder Road (across from the MOBIL gas station mini mart). 

 Check in hours are 9am to 6pm only. Any exceptions must be discussed in advance.

Turn on Snyder Rd & continue 150ft to the entrance marked "Flea Market Vendors Only". Wait near the "check in" Sign. You will be escorted to your space. 
For a GPS address use: 104 Snyder Rd.
Q: How is my booth location determined?

A: Your vending site location is determined by several factors including your booth size, type of products being offered, previous attendance, whether you use an RV on your vending site and which side of the RV you set up on, your registration date as well as your arrival date and time. 

While we will make every effort to place returning vendors as close to their desired previous location as possible, a specific row or location can not be guaranteed. We always reserve the right to place vendors in a designated location that best reflects the above criteria.
Q: How are the vending booth locations arranged?

A: Vending booths are set up in rows. All spaces are 20ft deep, with exception of the 10x10 spaces. 

Example: If you use a  10x10 space you will have 10ft of exposure to the public. A 20x20 space offers 20ft of exposure. Booths are set up back to back with a customer walking isle in front of each booth extending the length of each vending row.

Q: Can I camp using my RV on my booth space?

A: Yes.
Example: If you use a 30ft RV and purchase a 20x30 space you may park your RV (van,truck or tent) in the rear 10x30 portion of your booth and set up your vending display in the front 10x30 half. Tent campers as well as RV campers are welcome.

Note: 10 RV dry camp sites are available away from the vending booths @ $15 per night on a first reserve basis.
Q: Are restrooms available?

A: We provide sani-cans and sanitizer stations.

Q: What about garbage?

A: We provide garbage cans for SHOPPERS USE ONLY. Vendors should not use the garbage cans but place their daily garbage directly into the dumpster.   

Please!!!! No cardboard boxes, packing materials, unwanted/discarded/broken merchandise or other vendor unwanted items are allowed in the dumpster.


                     NOTICE: Except for your daily household garbage, 
                                you pack it in ..... you pack it out.
                             YOUR COOPERATION IS APPRECIATED  


Q: Is there anything that I can not sell or promote?


A: We encourage a safe family friendly atmosphere at all times. Be a responsible vendor. Any items or behavior considered by management to be unsafe or inappropriate will be addressed. 

Any vendor asked to vacate the property will do so under Lewis County Sheriff Department supervision and is not entitled to any refund of booth fees.
Q: Are there camping spots and vehicle parking spaces available away from the vendor booth sites?

A: Yes, two locations across the street

Q: Is there electricity available for my booth?

A: Not at this time

Q: Can I run a generator?

A: Yes, however no late night generator use is permitted. Also, if the generator being used is determined to be overly noisy/smelly, then you may be asked to discontinue use even during allowed hours of operation.

Q: Are showers available?

 Showers have been available during past events at Cowlitz River Lodge, Packwood RV park and Cascade Peaks Campground. 

Q: Will I get cell phone service in Packwood?

A: Depends on your carrier. US cellular, Verizon, Virgin & Sprint T-Mobile seem to work. (AT&T so far does not) Be sure to verify coverage with your individual carrier.
You can expect very slow or even interupted service because of massive public use
of devices all at once. Evenings are better. 

Q: Can I use a barbecue grill?

A: No charcoal grilles or vendor campfires are permitted at any time. Propane grilles and gas camp stoves only. 

You are required to have a fire extinguisher in your booth at all times as well as in your RV/campsite.

Q: Can I bring my pet?


A:The Flea Market is really not a suitable environment for pets. However, if you must bring a pet: Dogs must be on a leash at all times (Lewis county ordinance). You must pick up after your pet and dispose of waste properly. 

           If we pick up your pet waste you may be asked to leave the property. 

Any complaints by your neighbors (pet waste problems, barking, aggressive behavior etc.) will be addressed. 

Any person asked to vacate the property because of problems caused by their pet is not entitled to any refund of booth fees.

Q: What are the Flea Market hours: 

Most vendors like to be open by 8:30 am. Things usually slow down by about 7pm

Vendors may stay open until dusk if they choose.

                               As a courtesy to your fellow Vendors:                          
            Please do not to close your booth prior to 7pm on Fri - Sat - Sun.

                          Do not tear down prior to 1PM on Monday.

              No vacating of your booth site is allowed before 1pm on Monday.
Any exceptions must be cleared by management in advance of check in.

Q: Can I come and go during the day?

A: Vehicle traffic is not allowed on the property between and 8am & 7pm, and between 8am & 1pm on the holiday. 

Note: If you need to come and go during the day there is paid vehicle parking available across the street with access to the street at any time.



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